Engineering Sketch


Is an interactive platform designed to support the future of Manufacturing & Technology. The platform collates World leading Technology Suppliers in one place for your convenience. Forum & Networking Tabs for Engineers to come together for advice, support and troubleshooting.


With over 20 Years experience of working within the Manufacturing Sector from,

  • General Engineering 

  • Aerospace 

  • Research & Development within Physical Sciences

  • CNC and CAD/CAM Programming.


I have built this platform to help Engineers have a 'Digital Toolbox', tailored with a personal selection of World Leading Technology Suppliers.


The platform has a 'Forum & Networking Tab' which is open for troubleshooting, keeping up with the latest developments in technology, videos, images, engineering methods and a place to expand your engineering connections. 

At the top of the page, within the 'Manufacturing & Technology Tab' you will find a bespoke variation of 'Modern Technologies'. Please use the forum page to offer additional experiences, advice or views to help the Engineering Community. 

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Please use the forums page to reach out and build your network. Leave your company details along with links to promote yourself and your offer.